How to get here

Getting to the Faculty of Computer and Information Science

The ESSLLI summer school will take place at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana. The faculty is located in the South-West of Ljubljana within walking distance of most hotesl in the center of Ljubljana. You can check the venue locations on the map.

venue mapTo reach the Faculty from the city centre you can use several public transportation options:

bus solid By City Bus

All ESSLLI attendees will be able to use the city bus free of charge by presenting their ESSLLI badge.

Bus number 18 and 18L

Exit the bus at the "Živalski vrt ZOO" station.

Bus number 14 and 14B

When coming from the city centre, take bus number 14 or 14B in the direction Vrhovci or Bokalce. Exit the bus at the "Viško polje" station.

bus solid By City Bike (Bicikelj)

A good option for getting to the faculty is the use of city bikes. In order to use the city bikes you need to register on the bicikelj website. The weekly subscription for the city bike system costs 1€. After subscribing, you can use the bikes for free unlimited number of times as long as each trip is under 60 minutes. The closest Bicikelj stations to the faculty are Ljubljana ZOO and Viško polje. The most convenient way to use city bikes is through the BicikeLJ app. It shows you where the stations are and the number of available bikes. It can also be used to easily access the bikes.

bus solid By Taxi

One option for getting to the faculty is to use a taxi. A ride from the city center should cost around 5-7€.

Getting to Ljubljana

bus solid By Air

Ljubljana airport is the closest international airport. The international code for the airport is LJU. It is located about 25 km North of Ljubljana (approx 25min. ride by car). There are several ways of getting to the town from the airport:

  • Bus: There is a regular bus service from the airport to Ljubljana. The journey time is no more than 45 minutes and costs 4.10€. The tickets are purchased on the bus. The bus arrives at the main bus station. For the bus schedule, you can check the arriva website.
  • Shuttle: There are several shuttle services that operate at the airport.
  • Taxi: From the airport, you can take a taxi to the city centre. The taxi generally costs around 35+€.

bus solid By Bus and Rail

The main bus and rail station are both at the same location. The distance from the station to the city center is about 0.5 km. For more information you can check out Slovenian Railways or Ljubljana Bus Station

bus solid By Car

Ljubljana is easily reached from all of the four neighbouring countries. For driving on motorways a vignette is required. A weekly (lasts 7 days from the day of purchase) vignette costs 15 eur and can be purchased on the DARS website.


Some participants from foreign countries may require a visa to enter Slovenia. Please note that Slovenia is a part of the Schengen Area. You are encouraged to apply for a visa as soon as possible. The time frames for visa processing are difficult to predict with accuracy for any individual applicant and could vary significantly depending on the country of residence of the applicant. You need to contact the Slovenian consulate in your country (or the consulate of another country that may handle visa applications for Slovenia) and enquire about the necessary documentation to be provided. As the school lasts fewer than 90 days, participants should get the C type visa. You can find more information about the visa application on this link

Letter of guarantee

If you need a Letter of Guarantee for your visa application, please contact us at the

Letter of invitation

If you need a letter of invitation or some other document for your visa application, you can request it over email at once your registration fee is paid.

Citizens of the Russian Federation

Due to complex and lengthy visa procedures we regret that we cannot provide guarantee and invitation letters to holders of Russian passports.