ESSLLI 2023 will be held at Fakulteta za računalništvo in informatiko (FRI; the Faculty of Computer and Information Science) of the University of Ljubljana. 

It was founded in 1996 and is Slovenia’s leading educational and research institution for computer and information science.

While it was initially co-located with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, it moved to a new building in Brdo on the calmer outskirts of Ljubljana in 2014.

From afar, the venue can be seen as three buildings, as seen on Figure 1: one building is FRI (Faculty of Computer Science; on the left), one is FKKT (Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology; on the right but cut off), and one is the shared building Stavba X (Building X; in the middle), where the shared library and cafeteria are located.


Figure 1: Overview of the venue.


The majority of ESSLLI activities, including registration, courses, and workshops, will be held in lecture rooms (e.g., P01) on the first floor of the FRI building.

The only exception is the lecture room PA, which is located on the ground floor of Stavba X, on the right after entering the building.
When you are not attending a lecture, you can relax in the lobby or the relaxation spaces with couches, both equipped with electrical sockets and Wi-Fi. The relaxation spots are also present on the second and third floor of the building. For a detailed overview of the first floor please see Figure 2. For reference, we also provide a floorplan of the second and third floor of the FRI building.

 Floor plan FRI

Figure 2: Floorplan of the first floor of the FRI building, where most of ESSLLI activities will take place.

The cafeteria


Figure 3: The cafeteria Okrepčevalnica Marijanca. (source)

Lunch will be served on the second floor of Stavba X, in the cafeteria Okrepčevalnica Marijanca. We recommend this option since there are no restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the faculty. The lunch consists of soup, a main dish (meat or vegetarian*), and salad. 

Lunch menu for both weeks


For ESSLLI participants who selected the lunch option at registration, the price is 7 EUR, while the regular price of lunch is 7.6 EUR. For a preview of the meals offered, you can check out the menus offered in March 2023 (in Slovenian):


*Please note that there is currently no daily vegan option offered in the cafeteria.